Don't call it the Internet if it's just for the US

I'm sick of being told that content or services aren't available to me "in my region."  I don't live in the dessert with camels carrying CDs between end-points of a Bedouin network.  I don't live in the Antarctic where it would really be hard to get things shipped to me.

Supposedly I live in a country with comprehensive trade agreements with the US.  And supposedly I use the Internet, but you'd never know it.  You see, I live in Canada, where "we're sorry but that's not available."  Why do geographic boundaries make this so impossible?  I mean, I'm closer to the US than portions of the US!

For all you Americans reading my blog, here's what the web looks like when viewed from behind the protective glass of the Canadian border:

No videos for you!

No skype for you!

No awesome merchandise for you!

Wait you're right, I'm in Canada, let me go to your other site...

Wait, where did all the cool stuff go?

Um, where did all the stuff I can buy go? And my all time favourite (no, that's not misspelled, I'm in Canada, remember?),

No Comedy Central for you!

What you don't see there is the commercial they showed me before telling me they couldn't show me their content. You're kidding, right?

The web is increasingly becoming a pain to use when you don't live in the right place, even for those living in free first-world countries steps from the US. I can't imagine how bad it must be elsewhere.

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