"Where did you get that output?"

One of the things I'm working on in my spare time is rewriting and extending DXR.  I'm adding more static analysis info to the data, adding a "document" style vs. "web app" interface, ripping out glimpse/MXR, making it easier to get at type info from the UI, and redoing the front-end in Python (so Andrew can't continue to go around claiming I hate Python).  It's going to be awesome, but first...

Yesterday I was trying to write a unittest for how I process typedefs for function pointers, and I couldn't glean how Dehydra was reporting the underlying type.  As usual #mmgc had my back, and Benjamin disappeared into some back room and reappeared with this amazing print-out of Dehydra's JS objects, returned by analyzing my code.  "Where did you get that output?" I asked.  "Oh, I just do this, this, and this".

Well, for my own purposes I decided to turn his method into a little web app: Dehydra Web.  It takes your C++ code fragment (must compile) and runs it through Benjamin's dump-dehydra-data.js before cleaning-up the output.

It's not likely to replace Twitter as the next great web app, but if you're working on Dehydra, it's invaluable as a debugging tool in order to quickly test your understanding for an analysis script.

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