Student Contribution Opportunity

I came across a couple of bugs today in the Thunderbird code that need a fix, and they are both easy fixes for a student looking for contribution.  Basically, in DXR I have a C++ parser to create HTML files with markup versions of source code.  My parser chokes on 2 files, because someone did a bad thing and put an extra 0x0c (e.g., \f, form-feed) char in there.  This causes all sorts of bad things to happen with tools that try and work on the source and expect things like \n or \r\n or whatever.

[dave@scotland dxr]$ find ./mozilla-trees -name '*.h' -o -name '*.cpp' | xargs grep -n '^L' ./mozilla-trees/comm-central/mailnews/mime/src/mimeenc.cpp:852: ./mozilla-trees/comm-central/mailnews/mime/src/mimei.h:414:

NOTE: to get that ^L you have to type: CTRL+V CTRL+L.  This will take you about 1 minute plus the time to build Thunderbird, file a bug, and submit the patch.  Interested? If so, leave a comment here or talk to me on irc/email.

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