Running Treehydra and Dehydra scripts

Today I learned something new.  Last night I integrated callgraph into dxr (I'll blog about that later, once I rebuild dxr indices for mozilla-central and comm-central), and that meant that I needed to be able to run a Treehydra script in addition to my existing Dehydra oneDehydra scripts are basically a subset of Treehydra scripts (the same callback functions still work), and you can use the plugin to run them both.

Taras had mentioned that there is code in the Mozilla build system to handle this case, and after speaking with Benjamin I had the answer.  The file static-checking.js deals with running multiple treehydra/dehydra by loading them as needed.  All you need to do in order to make this work is specify that your C++ compiler is one that supports plugins (e.g., CXX=/path/to/dehydra-aware/g++), set DEHYDRA_PATH (e.g., the path to your or file), and list your scripts with one or both of DEHYDRA_MODULES and TREEHYDRA_MODULES.  The rest happens automatically.

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