The Mythical-Mail Client and a Plan for Email

I receive a lot of email. I send even more. I'll go so far as to say that I send too much mail. While I'm confessing, let's get it all out in the open: these days I spend more time in my email editor than I do writing code. When I'm not writing email I'm in IRC, GTalk, and the like communicating in other ways. And it's not something I'm planning to give-up any time soon.

Recently I made a mistake and took four days off answering mail. I had good reasons. But the reasons don't matter, because when I came back to my inbox on day five, I was completely buried. I'm not talking about spam, either. This was all "good" email, from people I know, from people I want emailing me.

Like any good procrastinator, I did the only logical thing I could and spent the day writing this essay instead of clearing the backlog.

I think email can be fixed. Here goes...

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