Searching for Q on Wikipedia

I listened to Jian Ghomeshi interview Jimmy Wales on Q this past Thursday about Wikipedia.  But don't follow those first two links: they're too tainted with inaccuracy to trust, or so says Jian.  I enjoy Q most of the time, but I think Jian missed it this time.  The episode isn't online yet, or I'd link to the part where he admits that he struggles with the site, given the number of inaccuracies in his own page.  Really?  For comparison here's Jian's page on Britannica.  If you want to understand the value of Wikipedia you have to focus on the scope of the index, not the depth of a single article.  Democratizing information such that even Canadian radio hosts from Thornhill (I hope I have that right) can aspire to their own pages is what the web is all about, and Wikipedia gets that better than most.  And hey, it's not like anything is set in stone.

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