Seven Things (accidentally deleted, now restored)

I’m fairly meme proof, but I’ve been tagged a number of times now, and to be honest, I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else tell their secrets.  So here you go.

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    The Seven Things

  • During high school one summer, a friend and I had a beard growing contest.  When it was over, I realized I had some decent sideburns going, and since then, I’ve never been without sideburns.  There were a few years later in high school where I really had sideburns.  My wife assures me that I don’t have to worry about them coming back again:

sideburn1 sideburn2

  • I can kick your ass…at Crokinole.

  • I drank no alcohol until I was 30, at which point, for reasons I don’t fully understand, I became a connoisseur of red wine.  I have never tasted beer.

  • Both of our 2 children were delivered by a midwife, and our second child was (intentionally) born at home.  Participating in a home birth was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

  • My wife grew up around the corner from me, and we used to walk to school together.  I would rather spend time with her than anyone else on earth.  She is my best friend.

  • I love dance and house music.

  • I am spatially-challenged.  I get lost very easily, and cannot mentally visualize space the way normal people do: I can look at a map, but not think in terms of a map.  Many people have tried in vain to teach me directions (”Toronto is laid out in a grid…whatever”).  I know where I have been, and that sequential memory is how I find my way.
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