Make it go zOOom

As Fardad gears up to start teaching development in the winter, he's doing a bunch of work on the code right now.  What he's finding is that OOo builds are slOOow, like 8 hours slow for a clobber build.  Yesterday, as I walked past all our quad-core machines in CDOT, it occured to me: we should really get a compile farm setup.

Since a bunch of my students were looking for contribution opportunities yesterday in class, I thought I'd blog and say that this is a great chance to get some contrib marks.  Probably the simplest thing we can do here is setup distcc and ccache on these boxes so that builds automagically get distributed across our fast build machines.

Get in touch with me/Fardad if you want to work on this.  It's not hard, and it will help us all a lot.

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