How to keep warm in February

For Christmas Laura bought me a cooking class with Arvinda, and last night we went. Normally the classes are held downtown in a cooking studio, but the group was small enough last night that we met in her house. I love Indian food, and while I've made it a few times in the past, I had never had anyone who knew what they were doing show me how to do it.

Laura and I had a blast cooking together, and we spent 3 hours making (and eating!):

"a rich, decadent curry made with exotic spices, saffron and almonds cashews, simmered on slow heat and cooked to perfection. Bombay potatoes made with unique spicing and Rumali Roti, a paper thin soft flatbread, a Mushroom Pullao and a dessert"
I learned so much. I think the only thing I wouldn't make again is the flatbread, which was "easy" but time consuming for a large group. Armed with three containers of new spice mixes, I'll be making the rest very soon. Very soon.

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