Watching the future of copyright in Canada

In case you aren't following current copyright trends in Canada, let me throw a few links on the table.  While Microsoft's left hand has been busy waving cash in an effort to buy Yahoo! as a way to gain an ounce of credibility on the web, its right hand has been writing an article on the politics of copyright in Canada, in an effort to insure that companies like Yahoo! never have a chance to exist in Canada.  Michael Geist was quick to point out issues with the piece, and his analysis is very good.

At the same time the Canadian Software Innovation Alliance (CSIA) has put out a white paper on the importance of fair and balanced copyright legislation for companies that rely on open source licenses in Canada:

"Open source software businesses are uniquely situated to comment on the copyright balance, since open source developers rely on copyright protection of their software, as well as their rights to access other works."
David Fewer of CSIA let me know that they are looking to connect with other Canadian open source businesses in an effort to give open source a voice in this debate.  If you're one of those who could lend your name to this effort, I'd encourage you to get in touch with David.

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