But how do you do it?

Yesterday on boingboing there was a great post about the children's illustrator Bob Staake, and how he does all his work digitally using Photoshop 3.0--that's 1994 vintage in case you're not up on your releases.

There are numerous videos on-line showing him use his tool of choice to draw things (and if I could bend wp to my will and embed them, I would!). I love this. No, I'm not secretly an illustrator, or even capable of drawing a straight line with any version of Photoshop. What I love is that this is an example something we need so much more of on the web, and in our community: demonstrations of how people do what they do. Not tutorials. Not HOWTOs. I'm talking about you doing what you love to do, and pressing record before you start (if you can find awesome music like his too, so much the better!)

It was great when Vlad came and talked about debugging, because he didn't just talk about it, he did it live. New developers need to see how the zen masters use their editors, debuggers, operating systems, and whatever else they'll share.

When I was a kid I spent most of my time skateboarding. My board didn't come with a manual. I needed my friends to show me how to do things. And not just how to do things, but also to open my eyes to the fact that certain things were even possible. Software is no different.

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