Christmas and childhood

Tonight, after a long drive, and a still longer day, I arrived home to find my wife getting our daughters ready for bed.  She was helping the eldest, and I asked where the younger one was.  "She's getting her pajamas on in her room."  I went to her room so I could say goodnight, and couldn't find her.  It was totally dark as I stepped inside the door.  Only after I was all the way in did I notice the small coloured lights shinning out of a porcelain Christmas tree decoration on her dresser.  During the day they had set it up, and now that it was dark, the tree was finally turned on.  At this point I saw her, too, leaning on the dresser with her elbows, standing still, staring into the lights.  I went and knelt down beside her so I could see what she saw, so I could be as she was.  "It's good to see you, Dad" she said without moving her eyes.  "It's good to see you too."

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