Today Vlad came to Chris' and my [Mozilla classes]( to give a talk on debugging techniques in Mozilla. I don't think I need to spend time telling you that Vlad knows how to do some cool things with debugging tools. However, you might not know what a great teacher he is: Vlad has a real gift for expressing complex ideas to people starting out, and he's able to walk you through compelling examples on the way to greater understanding.

During his talk he showed the students how to use VS.NET's debugger, gdb and dtrace on Mac, firebug, and even spent some time discussing chronomancer. Watching a master navigate his way through various scenarios, and discuss the merits of one tool over another for a particular problem, was incredibly helpful to the students. I can't wait to get this talk posted!

Speaking of which, Chris just let me know that Ted's (build system) and Mark's (Firefox extensions) talks have just been posted.

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