FSOSS day 2 misc

I'm in between things on day 2 of FSOSS, and carrying around an assortment of this and that I thought I'd share.

First, there's a great write-up on IT World Canada about Facebook's Thrift talk yesterday by Mark and David.

Second, the videos continue to go on-lineDean Jansen from PCF/Miro put the day 1 videos onto blip.tv here so you can get them as a channel in Miro.  Sweet, thanks Dean!

Third, I just came out of Bryan Kirschner's talk.  Bryan is from Microsoft's Open Source Lab and it was nice to hear what he and Microsoft are saying/thinking about open source, community, and collaboration.

Fourth, tons of pictures flowing in.

I'm running again, but I'll have more to say about today's BoF later on, it was pretty amazing to watch.

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