How to get your email answered, fast.

I've read advice from various people about how to get your email read and answered. Some people say it's the subject that matters, others talk about writing in short points in the content.

Well forget it. Forget it all, and let me tell you exactly how to get that mail answered in under 15 seconds.  The answer is this: send a corrupted, unreadable, email.  I'm talking about escaped quotes, no line breaks, the whole nine yards.

16:41 < beltzner> dave: you feeling OK?
16:42 <@dave> I know
16:42 < beltzner> you just had some sort of seizure all over my inbox
I'm picking on Beltzner, but I had email responses from another dozen people when I sent an email to the FSOSS speaker's list this afternoon.  Never trust a web app to do the work of your regular email program!

From now on, I'm going to send GIFs as ASCII art to get responses.  It's the way of the future, and I tell you, it works!

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