Inane babble, because the world is inane and insane

so over lunch, an older guy in a big black car comes along, parks in front of my house, gets out his lawn chair and lunch cooler, and has a leisurely lunch under my tree. (ctyler on irc)
Don't be fooled by people who tell you that social media like Twitter is pointless dribble, inane commentary that no one needs.  They clearly aren't living in the same world I move through every day.  That bit above from Chris is exactly what Twitter and the rest of social media is for: the moments of zen and anti-zen (there's more of the latter, in my experience) that are simply too amazing and ridiculous for just one person.  It's not that the web is full of pictures of dogs skateboarding and Mullets at Wal Mart; it's that the world is full of them.  You find it hard to read Twitter?  I find it hard to walk down the street.

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