TD Canada Trust and Greentec rock

Today my father-in-law and I loaded a pick-up truck full of old monitors, computers, and old cell phone equipment in order to take it all to a free "electronic waste day" held in our community.  The event was generously funded by TD Canada Trust and Greentec, who literally unloaded our entire vehicle for us, smiling the entire time.  On site was a semi-trailer with skids of old equipment, and large containers on the ground where each type of equipment was being sorted.  The entire visit took less than 5 minutes, and was totally free.

The green rhetoric of many companies has hit ridiculous lows--how is one expected to take MacDonald's seriously when they say that "every visit is a chance to make a difference for the environment?"  Today I made two differences for the environment: I didn't go to MacDonald's; and I took advantage of an actual environmental program put on by a local bank branch.

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