House Concert

Last night Laura and I went to our first 'house concert,' hosted by her brother and his wife. Imagine 50 people and three your living room. I have to say, it was pretty amazing. None of the music is what I would normally listen to, but the bands, and in particular the last two, were so good you couldn't not love them.

The three performers that I thought were the best were: Dan Walsh, Brock Zeman, and Alfie Smith. Normally I listen to electronic, techno, house, etc. but I could listen to these guys do gospel, blues, folk, and whatever else there were doing to those guitars all night. Man, you have to smoke a lot to have voices like these!

As my brother-in-law said to me afterward, "I ruins you for big concerts." He's right. I can't imagine being one of 10,000+ lost in a sea of anonymity. I'll happily pay $30/person again next time. It's a blast if you have the chance to go to one, or even host one yourself. There are so many amazing bands looking for gigs.

As they were closing their last set, Dan and Brock asked if this was now a yearly event. I didn't hear any NOs. See you next year, guys.

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