The reason why they call it 'The Birds and the Bees'

The weather this weekend was incredible.  Not surprisingly our girls wanted nothing to do with the great indoors.  We spent both days exploring outside.  Today after church was particularly incredible.  While we were out I saw so many mating pairs of birds, I couldn't believe it.

First, I showed the girls a Killdeer.  We talked about how they try to lead you away from their nest and how they nest on the ground out in the open.  It didn't take us long to find the nest.

Second, we saw a gorgeous pair of Belted Kingfishers.  Amazingly, their nest was very close, 15 feet from the ground in a clay bank.  We talked about how some birds nest on the ground, some in trees, and these birds in a burrow they dig themselves.

Third, we were walking across a field and spotted a male Pileated Woodpecker.  I can't think when I've seen one flying in the open before.  It was very cool.

Fourth, not to be outdone by its larger cousin, a female Red-bellied Woodpecker spent half-an-hour calling to its mate in the trees just out of sight.  It was neat to see her using a telephone poll to tap out even more noise to her partner.

Finally, as we walked home we saw a large male Turkey in show, with a half-dozen females wandering behind.

I couldn't ask for a better afternoon.  Someday I need to get a digital camera so I can take some of my own pictures!

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