"HTML is not an output format. HTML is The Format."

We've been having some discussion of late around how to move some courses on-line at Seneca, and this inevitably leads to one of my least favourite topics: IT infrastructure and content management systems.  The amount of inertia I see around making choices with regard to online content is incredible.  Our particular discussions have thankfully not gotten as bad as they do at other institutions, but I've still found it frustrating at times.

My contention is this: use html.  I mean, all of our content (everything) is already html, and we're spending time figuring out how to do something more clever with it.  It's not what I'd do, not what I'll ever do if I can avoid it.

So it made me smile to read Mark Pilgrim writing about his new book, Dive Into Python 3, "...I am writing DiP3 in pure HTML...HTML is not an output format. HTML is The Format." That's what I'm talking about.

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