Reflections on Boston

I spent the day today following-up on things that came out of the  Boston Dev Day, in particular working-up a grant proposal for a research project based on Vlad's canvas3d stuff (have you seen this? man!).  That, and reading mfinkle's wrap-up, made me pause to reflect on what a great day Friday was.  I even tried debriefing with shaver, but he's so sick he could hardly put two words together before the cold medicine got the better of him--man, you deserve some rest after organizing such a great day.

What a day indeed!  I got so many great project ideas for students to work on, wonderful feedback and suggestions for further Mozilla curriculum (thanks for the encouragement), and an excellent sense of what people are working on and priorities in the project.  It was also great to meet some people in person who I'd only known on-line, for example, Seth, Reed, Ted, and Mark Finkle, to name a few.  In these situations I'm always made to feel the inadequacy of irc, which until then felt like all I ever needed.  Sitting in a group of 20 discussing the future of the web and 3D content is not something you can reproduce on-line.

Thanks to those who worked so hard to make it possible for us to meet-up in Boston.  By the way, I'm already hearing a rhythmic chant  beginning, "Toronto, Toronto, Toronto."  I can only assume it's a portent of things to come; take note, Dev Day planners (that means you, mfinkle)!

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