Canvas3D and C3DL hit Ars

Gary pointed me to an article on Ars Technica today about Canvas3D and Cathy's C3DL js lib:

Another project that we have been watching closely is the Canvas 3D JavaScript library (C3DL), which aims to facilitate the development of browser-based interactive 3D graphics with JavaScript. It is highly experimental and is still at a relatively early stage in its evolution.

It was first created by Mozilla's Vladimir Vukićević, who hoped to eventually create an official standard for an OpenGL-like JavaScript API. The project has been picked up by an awesome team at Seneca College that is pushing it forward and adding a lot of impressive features.
First of all, congratulations to Vlad who wrote and maintains canvas3d.  Second, congratulations to Cathy and her team of students.  It's great to see both their work getting some attention.

Be sure to read the full article which also talks about Brian Birtles' awesome work to get SMIL implemented.  It's a great time to be thinking about graphics on the open web.  Keep it coming!

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