Some more emacs love

I don't think it's a secret that I use and love emacs as my primary text editor for development and such.  I make a habit of trying to convince innocent and maluable students to give it a try (how many of my students have been burned by tabs vs. spaces or EOL errors in patches this term!).  However, I'll be honest and say that emacs has had something of an image problem for a while.  I use tons of GNU software, but if all I can do is send people to a GNU web site, it's bad times.   And then today I hit a few gems, including this amazing screencast, and the promise of a longer one to come!

Following the link trail out of there, I realize that I need to investigate more about emacs myself.  I use a small fraction of what it can do, and I know there are all sorts of things I should add to my bag of tricks.  I'm in a "improve my workflow" mood these days, so along with hg's extensions and other things, I'm going to be spending some more quality time in learning-mode with emacs (see what I did there?).

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