Prof. Beltzner Ph.D(ancer)

Today was the first in a series of guest lectures in my DPS909 course at Seneca College. The course is "Topics in Open Source," and for the fall I'm using Mozilla as the focus.

Our first full lecture (shaver and vlad popped in for "HELLOs" on day 1) was by Mike Beltzner. I asked Beltzner to come and talk about Mozilla Community, to show off his IRC-ninja moves. He didn't disappoint.

The lecture itself was fantastic, filled with all sorts of information I would have liked to have known when I was starting to grope in the dark through Mozilla. What an amazing chance for these students to kick start their development work on these projects.

We got video/audio of the event, and managed to screencast Beltzner's laptop too--we nearly melted that fancy apple rendering the quicktime. We'll post it all for you to enjoy too once we get it into the right formats.

Oh, and in addition to pontificating about bugzilla, irc, and other points of entry to the Mozilla community, he also had time to rap, dance, and toss off some (very) colourful language. Whatever you say, Professor Beltzner. We can fix that in post.

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