"Every stage is better than the one before"

My mother-in-law often says this about parenting, and I'm learning that it's so true.  It's winter now, and not in the 'calendar' sense, but in the 'we have so much snow' sense.  My wife spent a lot of time this fall looking for used cross-country ski gear for our girls, and it has really paid off.  Her family grew up on skiis, and she's passing that comfort and love of skiing onto our girls, and more slowly, to me.  Today we unexpectedly had the afternoon free, and decided to go skiing through the woods.  It was my first time seeing how far they've come this year vs. last, and I couldn't believe it.  They are already better than me, and have incredible stamina.  I remember last year it was a gamble taking them too far in the snow, because one of them would inevitably get cold, tired, etc. and need to go home.  Not now.  It's incredible to be along for the journey as they accelerate into life.

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