Change might need to change

Like most people I know, I'm thrilled that Change has come to the US.  I've been somewhat obsessed with US politics of late, following it on-line via blogs, twitter, youtube, and such.  I think one of the most emotional moments for me was watching a video of Obama vote with his family.  I have two daughters as well, and we took them to vote with us in the recent Canadian election.  What he's accomplsihed is really something amazing, and I have to say that I'm proud of our neighbours to the south once again for getting this one so right.

Now, let me ask a question.  Today I see has launched, which is a fantastic idea, and really a smart way for such a participatory campaign to continue working after the election is over.  Being a technology guy, I had a look at their plans for Technology, and was met with this nugget:

Protect American Intellectual Property Abroad: The Motion Picture Association of America estimates that in 2005, more than nine of every 10 DVDs sold in China were illegal copies. The U.S. Trade Representative said 80 percent of all counterfeit products seized at U.S. borders still come from China. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will work to ensure intellectual property is protected in foreign markets, and promote greater cooperation on international standards that allow our technologies to compete everywhere. [ed. emphasis mine]
Why am I being quoted MPAA piracy stats by the President-Elect?  Is this really where he's going for his information?  That's not much of a change, if change is what we're after.

UPDATE: David Ascher has some other interesting observations on this.

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