It's nearly FSOSS-eve, and I'm in the mood for telling a story.  One of our speakers this year is an FSOSS-alumni, Marcus Bornfreund, the project lead for Creative Commons Canada.  I first heard Marcus speak three years ago, when he gave the opening keynote at FSOSS.  It was the first year that FSOSS was starting to grow, and we were thrilled to have him join us to talk about something as important as copyright, licensing, and open source software.

Fast forward to this past June, and I again bumped into Marcus at Open Everything.  Marcus and I were both giving talks, and it was great to catch-up.  My colleague, and head of the IFS program at Seneca, Bob Boyczuk was also in attendance, and got talking to Marcus about CDOT, Seneca, and teaching.  I'm glad he did, because it means that today I have the pleasure to announce that Marcus will be teaching with us in the winter--"Security Arts: Privacy Issues".  I can't think of a better guide through these murky and difficult waters.

If you're a student taking this course next term, you're in for a treat.  And if you're someone looking to study at a school who understands open source, open content, etc., you really need to come and check out what we're doing at Seneca.  At the very least, you should join us this Thursday and Friday (Oct 23/24) as we showcase the best of the free software and open source worlds at FSOSS.

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