Oh deer [sic]

Today was all about the deer. It started early this morning, as I watched them crossing the field behind our house. We decided to go and walk through the woods to see their runs. While we were tracking through the bush, Laura found a fantastic antler laying on the ground. Later, our neighbours offered us some of their venison, which we had for dinner. It was really nice.

While I'm thinking about food, let me also take this opportunity to invite you to come and have tea with me at Seneca. I'm sick and tired of seeing my students drinking grade-C tea, and I figured it was high time I start educating them in something other than just programming languages. So beginning this week, and for the remainder of the term, I'm going to bring in a new tea and make it for whomever shows up. All I ask is that you bring your own tea cup (notice I didn't say mug), as I'm not washing your dishes.

I've spoken to half a dozen people already, and finding a common time is proving difficult. So for this week we'll try 1:30 on Tuesday in the GNU/Tea room (formerly the Linux lab). See you there!

UPDATE: My wife reminded me that I'm booked this Tuesday already, so we'll have to wait until next week for the first tea.

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