Mozilla DevDays Toronto -- TOMORROW (Sept 15)!

"I've been waiting paitently for a Toronto Mozilla Developer event, and I can't take it any more, help me Dave!" I hear you.  The wait is over.  In fact, you're one sleep away (zero if you stay up all night tonight and fix bugs) from the best developer event in the city.

"Great, but I'm a web developer and I don't know much about Firefox except that I love it for creating and debugging my sites.  Are you sure this is for me?" 100% this is for you.  We're bringing together Mozilla, web, and application developers in order to talk about all the things you can do with Mozilla's products and technologies.  The first day is specifically geared to developers who haven't started leveraging Mozilla yet.

"Dave, I've been hacking Mozilla since 1847.  Are you sure this event is for me?" 100% this is for you.  While the first day is aimed at expanding people's minds with regard to Mozilla, the second is really for you.  We've assembled a fantstic crew to talk about automated testing in the Mozilla context.  I know there are some tests you've been meaning to write, and this is your chance to learn how to do them (better).

Given that you're now convinced (see how I did that?), let me give you the details:

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