Mozilla Toronto DevDays and FSOSS

I'm back from a mostly offline summer, and it's busy already!

First, we're hosting Mozilla's Toronto DeveloperDays on Monday Sept 15 and Tuesday Sept 16.  In the past Developer Days have often been a chance for existing Mozilla developers to have some face to face time, but not the right place to go if you're new.  This event, especially the first day, is geared toward getting Mozilla into the hands of developers who aren't currently targeting the platform or contributing.  If your company or project is writing web-aware software in some form, come and get connected, learn, and expand your options.  The second day will focus on testing, and is aimed at existing Mozilla developers.  But by the second day all first day attendees will be Mozilla developers :)  The event is free to all, food is provided, and fun is guaranteed.  Sign-up here.

Second, the Call for Proposals for the Free Software and Open Source Symposium (FSOSS) is still open, but going to close on Sept 12.  If you've been thinking of submitting something, please to it soon so you don't miss the cut-off.  Also, general registartion will be opening in the next few weeks.  I'll post with details when it does open.

UPDATE: Ludovic created a Yahoo! Upcoming link.

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