have new mail!

About six months ago I got a Mac.  When I did, I decided to celebrate and fix a Mac related Mozilla bug.  But which one?  Well, within a few days of having the shiny I met Growl (whose upgrade story sucks, btw).  As soon as I'd installed it I noticed my Minefield nightly build prompting me that there was an update.  And then I got mail.  And then I got...nothing.  No Growl notificaiton for mail?  I know.  So I fixed it.

I'm so busy coaching the Mozilla farm team these days, I never get to play any more (actually I've been cheating the past two months and hacking up a storm, but we'll talk about that another time).  So it was a lot of fun to learn about my Mac, fix a Thunderbird feature request, and do some more Mozilla development instead of marking or writing email.

For me, one of the best reasons to use a tool like Thunderbird is that you can crack it open, fix what you don't like, and add value.  And if you're sitting there saying, "yeah, I'd love to do that but I don't know how," come see us.  We'll teach you how.

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