Processing.js 1.4.0

Today we're releasing Processing.js 1.4.0.  It's a good solid release, which Jon jokes we've been aging for 9 months in order to develop its full flavour.

As we write in the that post, we're going to change our development process.  In the past we've been tracking work in Processing, and chasing performance, parser, and Java-parity bugs.  We don't plan on doing any major releases for a while, and will instead do minor releases more often going forward.  We still have bugs, and there's lots of things we could do, but the code has been stable, fast, can compatible for a long time.  And it keeps getting faster as browsers get faster.

The dev team has gotten smaller in the last year, as people have been absorbed into other projects, and as the code has required less attention.  At present it's Mike Kamermans, Jon Buckley, Yury Delendik, and me, with Mike taking on the leadership role since 1.3.6.  Luckily, quite a few of our current/former devs have been absorbed into the Mozilla Corporation or Foundation as employees and aren't too far away, including all the names mentioned above plus Scott Downe and Chris Lonnen.  Processing.js has been good for the web, and good for Mozilla, and both make me happy.

Happy sketching!

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