What I'd do: software teams as indie bands

I've often thought that it would be interesting to see software teams do indie band style pictures along with their releases.  I'd like to see the people who write my software.  I know hundreds of people who release libraries and tools, apps, demos and games, drivers and converters and utilities--yet they never really show up.

Long after the death of the album as a physical medium, we still expect to see who made the sounds contained within the music.  They are seated in a semi-circle, posed at different levels, wearing plaid;  they have their backs to one another at the counter of a bar; they are lined up in a wheat field and captured with a hazed filter on the lens; they have neck beards or wear scarves; they want you to notice their glasses and have washed their hair and styled it in order to look like they haven't;  they do their best not to smile;  they are arranged like the spokes of a wheel as the camera looks down from above on their laughing faces.

When I download version 1.3 of your software, I want an album cover.  I want to feel like I've encountered something human, something created.  I want to watch your style change over subsequent releases.  I'd like to see some of what we know as 'the band' happen in software.

That's what I'd do.

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