I write to myself in the future, when I retire, and in case I own a winery, chocolate or cheese shop;  at which time I want to remember to create a line of occasional fare, one very narrowly cast for a particular clientele, those appropriate only for particular occasions, and as gifts for such individuals.

These will want labels, with instructions, that express the intended way and means by which they should be enjoyed.  For example: a bottle of Merlot indicating it is only to be drunk by a person with writer's block; a box of chocolates that is to be consumed within 4 hours of love making; a bottle of Pinot Grigio that must accompany a summer stroll along a river; a truffle that should be eaten only in sadness, and ideally great sadness; a cheddar so old it must be nibbled while reading a novel of equal age and sharpness.

These ideas I leave here until then.

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