I spent the day at the plush new Mozilla Toronto office, where I was spoiled for life using Shaver's monitor (emacs was meant to be that tall). In addition to catching-up with the Motillians (I'm sorry, but "Shepherd's Pie" and "Curry Chicken Burrito" don't belong on a Mexican menu) I spent the day working on installing LXR. Why bother? I noticed the other day that they have integrated ctags and swish-e into the new version, and I wanted to see how it worked compared to what we have now.

To say that it went smoothly would be an exaggeration. In order to make it work, I had to fix the mysql install script ('release' is a keyword) and find and fix 3 separate issues in the Perl code (man, this code is so much cleaner than the MXR source). After much swearing and debugging, I got it to work. And, it's no better (awesome!). Swish-e had countless problems indexing the Mozilla tree, and I can't see that ctags, as used by LXR, gives anything close to what MXR already has, which isn't that great.

Chris tells me this was all worthwhile, since "now we know." That's one way to look at it. After this I worked with Chris to get a local MDC install going. We managed to get close, but we're clearly missing something from LocalSettings.php, which Eric is going to help with when he get's it from Mozilla IT.

All in all a "take two steps backward" sort of day. TGIF.

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