Level Up: Mouse Lock + Gamepad builds

I'm finishing up the Mouse Lock patch today so I can get it into review by Friday, which mostly means I'm waiting on my students to get their tests finalized (hurry up, guys!).  Meanwhile, I've had a bunch of people ask for builds, and also to fold the Gamepad and Mouse Lock APIs into one build.  So I did that.  You can download custom builds here.  The code is in my mouselock-gamepad branch on github..  These custom builds will go away soon, so get them while their hot (note: they're smoking hot)--I hope they'll be shipping in Firefox soon so it won't matter :)  Here's some simple Mouse Lock demos, and a simple Gamepad demo.

UPDATE: Brandon Jones ported his awesome WebGL Quake 3 demo to use Mouse Lock (go fullscreen and double-click).  Awesome!

UPDATE 2: Ted's hosted new builds, which won't disappear this time.

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