MDRK 0.2

I've spent the day hacking Ted's awesome Extension Wizard into the MDRK, and figuring out the best way to host external scripts with my UI.  After much getting-it-not-right, I got it:

I'm looking for recommendations of other cool JS tools I could host that would be useful for Mozilla devs.  I'm working on Jesse's JavaScript Shell at the moment.  Got other ideas?  Let me know.

I'm pretty much done the MXR portion: it works really well!  There are some other things I'd like to add down the road (e.g., bookmarking source code files/lines, saving tab sessions, etc.) but I'm going to wait until I get some feedback from the MoTo UX gang.  Likely the next thing I'll do is add multiple tree support, but I'm not clear on the right UI for this.  Chris and I have talked about a few options, but I'm stuck on the following use case: you have multiple tabs open from browser, and you want to search in mail.  You open a tab, and now have a mix of browser/mail source files open in tabs.  When you click back to a tab for browser, how should I handle the scroll/highlighting of the file in the treepanel (i.e., the browser treepanel is "gone" at this point)?  Good ideas welcome.

P.S. my UUID dialog box is pretty much universally hated, so I'm going to fix that.  I listen to the feedback, so keep it coming :)

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