Spring means welcoming new CDOT researchers

It's election day here in Canada, and I spent the day participating in an orientation for 20 new full time researchers at Seneca's Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT).  I do all my work out of CDOT, so just about anything you read that we're working on, from Processing.js to Popcorn.js to Audio work--it's all stuff that's rooted in CDOT.  These new researchers will be working with us, and our open source partners, on a variety of big and exciting projects over the next 4 months.  Seven of them will be working with me on Mozilla related JavaScript-based projects.

I mentioned at the start that this is election day, and it might seem an odd thing to link to this work.  However, it's because of a federal NSERC grant that all of this work is possible; that and the generous contributions and support of amazing partners like Mozilla.  Thank you to the Canadian government, to Mozilla, and to all our partners that allow us to hire such talented people.  We're going to ship a lot of great software this summer.  More on that soon...

Welcome open source researchers!

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