Definition: Last Mile

Last Mile:

  1. The last mile is the final leg of delivering connectivity from a communications provider to a customer...
  2. David Humphrey's house
    My wife and I moved our family out to the country, and it's amazing (I'll blog about the wildlife sometime).  I couldn't love it more, except for one small but not insignificant point: the Internet is not-so-much.  Currently we're using two-way satellite, which is laaaaaaagggggggy in the extreme.  I had read about the problem of the last mile lots of times when I lived in the city, but it was never my problem--until now.
    So given that I have no free time, and even less good sense, I've been working on solving the problem myself.  It's not that I wouldn't pay someone to solve it for me; you can't, as no one seems to do this.

I've been researching long-distance and mesh wireless networks, and it's fascinating.  Last week I finished my research and actually ordered the gear.  Once it arrives and I set it up, I'll blog about what I bought, how I've designed the network, etc.

Yesterday, as I drove in from work, I passed a UPS truck racing out of our lane way.  He passed me, and while he didn't give me the finger, he did drive off with my three antennae.  So close, and yet...

In other news, I was working on [VncSharp]( again yesterday, as I have a lot of patches that have come in recently, and I haven't done anything with them yet.  I decided to rewrite my build to us [NAnt](, and it is really nice.  I've used it for some other things before, but it's been at least a year.  Their documentation is good as a reference, but sucks as a tutorial.  Also, why don't they have some larger examples of build files posted with the docs?  Oh well, it all works now.

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