Just heard back from the OSCON 2008 organizers, and my proposal, a talk discussing the model of education we do with Mozilla, was not accepted. I know how this goes, given that we are forced to reject some great talks every year at FSOSS due to space in the program. At the same time, it's too bad: I'd really have liked to have given this talk, and shown others how to replicate what we're doing at Seneca.

I'm getting more and more email these days from profs around the world looking to get open source and Mozilla into the classroom and research lab. I'm seeing the excitement spread across the web, as others are realizing that you can get amazing things done within a classroom setting.

At any rate, I'm not discouraged--I've got a lot more irons in the fire. Also, I'm thrilled that Chris' talk on the same topic was accepted at the Ottawa Linux Symposium. This is a story that needs to be told.

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