Chinese Cherry Blossoms

Our girls are taking piano lessons, and really enjoying it, in no small part because their teacher is so good.  Her approach, which favours understanding over memorization and a reasonable learning pace over a standards approach, means that they are much more willing to experiment beyond the sheet music they've learned.  I wasn't taught this way, and I can tell you I never experimented (I only remember how to play one song--one note really, middle C).

My youngest has been working and reworking something she calls Chinese Cherry Blossoms.  Last night she asked if I'd record it, and put it on the web for others to enjoy.  She wanted the page to have pink flower petals, so I co-opted Thomas Sturm's visualization (again, thanks!) and added 20 shades of pink, chosen by the girls.  You can watch a video of it here:

Or, if you're running a Firefox 4 beta or nightly, you can try it live here.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  She wanted me to also ask that if you're in China and you read this, to please say hello.  Even if you're not in China and enjoyed this, leave her a note.

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