infinity mirrors

Recently I had the opportunity to take my two girls away on vacation for 3 days, and let my wife have a much needed rest and some time to herself at home.  It's something that I've been dreaming about doing ever since we had kids, and it's fantastic that they are old enough now for the three of us to go off together and have an adventure.

One of the best parts of this recent trip was having the chance to show my youngest daughter what infinity looked like.  For whatever reason, she's in love with the idea of infinity--"Mom, I love you infinity."  We stayed at a hotel on the second night, and as I was getting them ready for bed I noticed that there were mirrors on 3 walls around the sink.  "Do you want to see what infinity looks like?" I asked her.  She couldn't believe I was serious and just whispered to herself, "infinity mirrors!"

I put them both up on the counter and let them stare at their reflection staring back at their reflection staring back at their reflection.  It was an amazing, childish moment.  As far as I know, their reflections are still going back and forth at that hotel.

I love them infinity, too.

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