FSOSS Begins

Today begins the first day of our Free Software and Open Source Symposium (FSOSS).  This morning and afternoon we have workshops on various open source technologies and tools—Ben Smedberg and Neil Deakin are doing XULRunner and XUL workshops right now.  Tomorrow it's a full day of talks.  We're filming all the talks tomorrow, and we'll post them online in the days to come.

This year we are also going to experiment and try doing a live on-line feed of the keynote presentations: Mike Shaver, Marcel Gagne, and Nat Friedman.  You can sign-up to watch them here.  When the other talks get put on-line I'll post the URL for them.  All in all it's shaping up to be a fantastic couple of days.  I'd like to thank Mozilla for its incredible support: these people build more than browsers.  They have really helped us turn this event into something unique and special.

If you're in Toronto tomorrow (Friday Oct 27) make sure you come.  We still have some room for people to register on the day and would be happy to have you join us.  After the talks are over we'll also be having a Firefox party.  See you tomorrow.

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