Telescope 1.4.0

I'm happy to announce that tonight we have released Telescope version 1.4.0.  This was a big release, and included contributions from 36 new contributors to the project.  A huge thank-you to everyone who was involved in this release!

Here are some highlights of what we shipped:

  • Many large and small UI fixes and features to the front-end, like our improved scroll header UX, infinite scrolling, being able to expand long post headers, better syntax highlighting and post CSS formatting
  • Work on our front-end theme
  • Express route validations with tests
  • A massive overhaul of our Search feature, including paging and infinite scrolling of results, initial work on autocomplete for author names, improvements to error handling, ability to share results via URL, new UI to provide help info on how to use advanced search syntax, fixes to search implementation and UI, improved speed and accuracy of Elasticsearch queries (wow is it fast!)
  • Added Elastic Kibana server and integrated logging with Kibana
  • Lots of documentation fixes
  • Improved test coverage in the backend
  • Initial work on front-end tests (which we've disabled temporarily while we debug an issue in our release process)
  • Improvements to RSS feed parsing (e.g., allow data URI image URLs)
  • Many bug fixes
  • Removal of TravisCI and GraphQL (so long, thanks for all the fun)
  • Initial work to migrate our front-end to Next.js from Gatsy.js

The best part of this project is our community, and one more feature that a few students collaborated on is an idea I borrowed from the node.js project: showcasing a random contributor in our About page:

Now that we've got even more devs who know the code and can help make improvements, I'm excited to see what they'll do in 1.5.0!

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